Comment from Ron

PRIDE RUNS DEEP & SINK THE SHIGURE were absolutely the best two WWII submarine books I have read since RUN SILENT RUN DEEP and DAS BOOT. I am an avid collector of sub books and have as of today 518; many from the 40,s and 50’s. Served in the Submarine Service from 66-70 and have always had an interest in the boats…I guess that what would be expected of someone who was born on Tennessee Street in Vallejo. HA! It sounds like you spent some time at “The Yard” also. My sub school class was one of the last to be taught BECUNA class diesel boats and it was ironic that more than half of us went to the nucs. With that knowledge in mind, I could follow the characters through each room and could visualize each and every piece of equipment and their location. I do hope you write more…especially another WWII era submarine story. Take care and keep a Zero Bubble. Ron Payne, ex-RM1(SS) USS Halibut (SSN-587) USS Plunger (SSN-595) Fairfax City, VA
Dear Ron, It’s great to hear from a fellow submariner, and someone who knows his submarine books (518, wow!). I know what you mean about the diesel boat knowledge helping with the mental imagery. I’ve spent many long hours aboard the Bowfin in Pearl Harbor familiarizing myself with the WWII boat layout. I learn something new every time I go back. I will keep the submarine stories coming. Best wishes, and thanks for the nice comments. – RCC