Comment from Scott

Comment:Sir, I recently finished “Rise to Victory” and wanted to let you know as an avid Naval reader I loved this book! I am navy veteran, PM2, and am always looking for great submarine and naval books. Well done you really capture life in the service you even focused on sailors who were struggling with […]


Comment from Dave

Question:Hi Mr. Cooke, Thank you for writing your two recent WW II submarine novels. I read and enjoyed your three earlier books some years ago. Recently I read Dive Beneath the Sun, and just finished Wolfpack 351. I appreciated the character qualities of both captains. Both Weston and Ando were displayed as taking their leadership […]


Dyrrachium & Independence Day

The Battle of Dyrrachium was a siege battle in ancient Illyria between the armies of Julius Caesar (the “siege-er”) and Pompey the Great (the besieged). It is one of the few battles Caesar lost and a moment in time when the course of history might have changed forever. Had Caesar’s enemies followed up on their […]


Comment from Corey

Question:Hi, Mr Cooke, Just wanted to say thank you for your service. I just finished Rise to Victory for the 2nd time. An amazing book. I really wish it was turned into a movie. I enjoyed it just as much as Hunt for Red October. I hope that one day you will write another modern […]


Comment from Randy

Question:In sink the shigure, at the end you referred to the rank of Master Chief. The rank of Senior and Master Chief was not established until 1958. I understand that Authors often embellish their stories to make for a more enjoyable read, however this reference should have been caught by the many proof readers. Overall, […]


Comment from Terry

Question:Started reading Rise To Victory but may have to put it down due to all the foul language! Why all the “F” words? Not needed! There are several great authors that write sub warfare books that do not use this language and they are doing pretty well! Would love to see you clean up you […]