Reviews of the Jack Tremain Series
“Cooke powerfully captures the heroic highs and hellish lows of our WWII submariners — warriors who served valiantly and silently far beneath the sea.”
– W.E.B. Griffin

“Detail and tactile precision of diesel-run sub warfare.”
– Publishers Weekly (June 2007)

BOOK II of the Jack Tremain Series – 

October 1943: Lieutenant Commander Jack Tremain returns to the Pacific theater. He’s recovered from his wounds, but not from the loss of his wife. Plunging back into active duty, he takes on a new sub and a new mission – to intercept a Japanese tanker convoy.

But when Tremain spots the Shigure – the Japanese destroyer that sank his beloved first command, the Seatrout – he declares his own personal war on the dreaded ship known as the “Submarine Killer.”

As he relentlessly pursues the enemy warship through raging storms and dangerous waters, nothing can stop Tremain’s hell-bent obsession with sinking the Shigure at any cost…