Comment from Dave

Hi Mr. Cooke, Thank you for writing your two recent WW II submarine novels. I read and enjoyed your three earlier books some years ago. Recently I read Dive Beneath the Sun, and just finished Wolfpack 351. I appreciated the character qualities of both captains. Both Weston and Ando were displayed as taking their leadership responsibilities seriously, but not at the cost of their personal integrity. Both were courageous and focused, and you wrote humanity into their characters as well. Weston in restraining Greathouse with the rumor mill perceptions of the LT, and Ando in forcing the burial detail to show respect to the body of MacCullen. Also, I think the WW II era sea stories are an underserved market, and I relate to the way you write them. Having grown up in the 1950’s and 60’s and knowing men of my father’s generation, I appreciate the qualities revealed as you develop each story. Plot and personalities are central, and not a reliance on almost science fiction technology. Hope you have plans for some more at some point. Thanks again, Dave
Dear Dave, Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed them. I grew up loving the books of Douglas Reeman and Harry Homewood. Both authors offered a nice blend of action and internal struggles of the crew. They told their stories from the deck level, rather than a bird’s-eye view, and made the reader feel as though they were aboard ship. As to your question, I definitely plan more WW2 novels in the future. Thank you again for the comment. All Best – RCC