Comment from Jerry

Shigure was a great read. My dad worked on subs in the Chas Naval Shipyard from the 50’s into the nuclear age, and I connect with his world through your stories. What a great bunch of men who changed the world (and are changing it today. Thank you. Did you do a short story of part of these events befroe the book or is there an historical accounting of the basics of the story? Could my father have told me about something like this? I seemed to (pleasantly) anticipate many actions/characteristics and must have some sense of the story from somewhere. Again, keep ’em coming.
The Battle of Vella LaVella, portrayed at the beginning of the story, sticks pretty closely to historical accounts, and that might have been the connection…and then Submarine stories tend to have a lot of the same underlying themes. In any case, I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks for the nice comments. Best Wishes – RCC