Comment from Molly

I just finished “Sink the Shigure” which I thoroughly enjoyed. however, two errors caught my eye: 1. Admiral Ireland is introducing the British special forces officer as “Major Ian Farquhar of His Majesty’s Royal Army”. In contrast to the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force, the British Army does not include Royal in its title. The correct address would have been “of the British Army” or “of His Majesty’s Armed Forces”. 2. Commander Pancheri’s radio call sign is “Romeo Easy Baker” but in the U.S. phonetic alphabet at the time, “Roger” was used for the letter “R”. “Romeo” was officially introduced in 1956. Other than that, you did an outstanding job, really looking forward to reading more.
Molly, You are 100 percent correct! Thank you for pointing out those errors. I always appreciate hearing what I got wrong so that I don’t make those mistakes in the next book. I’m very glad you enjoyed SHIGURE. Thank you, again! – RCC