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Dear Sir, Enjoyed tour book “Sink the Shigure” I noticed on your “comments” page that many guys pointed our the E-8 E-9 error so I will forgo that. Two other points: No mention of using the “Safety tank”,a ballast tank speciffically sized to compensate for a flooded conning tower. You cannot walk into the motor room, it is located beneath the maneuvering room. Respectfully, Bob Nelson ICCM (SS) Retired USS Blenny SS 324 USS Cavalla SS 244 USS Plunger SSN 595 COB USS Kamehameha SSBN 642 COB Look forward to reading more of your books.
Bob, my deepest gratitude for your service to our country. I’m honored you would read my books and overjoyed that you would find them in the least bit entertaining. Please keep the comments coming. I appreciate the corrections. God Bless, COB. – RCC

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