Comment from John

Congratulations and thanks for your outstanding work. I’ve enjoyed being transported into an exciting and very real world for a number of hours thanks to your vivid and energetic fiction. When and why did you take up writing? Becoming a professional writer is a daunting task. When and how did you realize you had this talent and desire and drive (because it takes an incredible drive and considerable determination to produce a book, particularly a good book)? Is this your new full-time career? I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that you spend the better part of each day working at a keyboard on another book. Heck, publish them in hardback and I’ll fork over the $20 plus. You’re worth it!
Thank you for the kind remarks. Writing has always been my passion. I wrote my first novel in high school (though it was never published), and have been writing ever since. I grew up reading the great nautical fiction of Alexander Kent (Douglas Reeman), C.S. Forester, Frederick Marryat, and later Bernard Cornwell. Those talented gentlemen certainly had no small influence on my decision to pursue a commission in the navy. It has always been a dream of mine to experience life at sea, and then to take readers there through my stories, and I hope I have done that for most. I do spend a lot of time at my keyboard, and, yes, another book is well underway. I’ll post updates on the News page as developments arise. Thanks again, and Best Wishes!- RCC
PS – I would love for my publisher to release hardcover editions.