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I am hoping your “News” section will announce the publication of your upcoming novel.Do you intend to issue an email to your “Comments/Questions fans? I have great sympathy for authors who spend countless hours, such as yourself, producing a novel which gives so much enjoyment to so many. To think that some seem to have the need to point out errors or ommissions in an author’s work of “fiction” is astounding to me. I know Patrick Robinson, also a writer of naval fiction has been faced with the same type of thing. I congratulate you on your approach to acknowledging individuals who are unable to just write, say how appreciative they are of your writing, and just leave it at that. For all of us who look forward to your next “bestseller”, may I say “thank you very much”. From: just a typical humble Canadian, Dave
Dear Dave, Thanks to you and all of my readers for waiting patiently. I will definitely send an email to everyone on the board, when I get news about book #4. I apologize, but it may be several months before I have news (publishers decide these things, not writers). And thanks for going to bat for me, but really, I greatly value any and all criticism. My goal is to write books that are an enjoyable escape into the past, and I appreciate anything that helps me to do that better. Thanks again for your support! – RCC

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