Comment from Herman

Mr. Cooke, I just took the time to read a few recent emails to you. I am reading Sink The Shigure. I’m on page 105. Have to agree with most of the nitpicking although I enjoy your style of story telling. Mostly very realistic and enjoyable. I’m a retired RMC with over 20 years active duty. My first 5 years at sea were on 2 Fletcher class tincans – Stockham & Remey. The ship’s safe was in the Supply Dept office in the midships passageway, right below the forward torpedo mount, and next door to sickbay, on the starboad side. On the port side, was Emergency Radio or Radio II. That was back during 1955 – 1960. Also, don’t believe anyone in the USN during WWII wore any kind of ballcaps except for a few admirals. A lot of chiefs were khaki hats and dungarees when engaged in dirty work, such as what snipes might do. However, radiomen didn’t get too greasy as a rule. Thanks for your efforts. Great story telling. Regards, HHB
Thanks for the nice comments, and for the gouge on the ship’s safe aboard the Fletcher Class. I have it from reliable sources that ball caps were worn during WWII, at least on some submarines. Take a look at the sailors in this photo from the USS Icefish’s webpage USS Icefish. Thanks for your service. Best Wishes – RCC