Comment from Brian

Your books are excellent! I am a huge Tom Clancy and Harold Coyle fan and your works, I have read the first two, are fine examples of great story telling and interesting character development. Borders only had one copy of your newest work delivered in my area, Northeast Orlando and I snapped up the copy as it hit the shelf. I would like to get one autographed, please announce when you will be in the Central Florida area for book signings or lectures. Thank you for contributing such good work. P.S. My mother was an Army First Lieutenant who served in Siapan during WW II and her accounts and descriptions sparked my interest in war stories during that time and in the Pacific theatre. Your writing is true to her accounts in terms of language, sacrifice, attitudes, etc.
I’m glad you enjoy them, and I’m honored to be ranked with Mr. Clancy and Mr. Coyle. As much as I’d love to visit Orlando and tour the country to meet readers, I have no signings scheduled right now. As soon as I do, I’ll put a post on the News page. It sounds like your mother had some amazing experiences. I hope you’ve written them all down… Thanks again! – RCC