Comment from Richard

Commander. Thank you for your service. I am a retired Navy CPO who served half my career on targets and the final have on the Boats. My submarine service was on the USS TRIGGER (SS564), a Tang Class Conventional Attack Boat. My final tour was on the USS POLLACK (SSN603), she was a THRESER CLASS Nuke attack. You have already answer the questions about Master Chiefs and the UCMJ. As for the officer that chided you about the class of officers on the boats. In my experience the majority were A1. However there were times when a new O1 would come aboard, thinking that Chapter III of the old Watch Officers Guide was written in stone. They usually shaped up or were despensed with by the CO. Sadly many people in todays Navy do not understand the conditions during WWII. I got some great stories from ADM Grenville (S1). Excellent read Commander, thanks again for your service. One last thing. There are no former submariners. Once a Submariner, Always a Submariner. RW GREEN ICC(SS), USN (ret)
Dear Mr. Green, thank you so much for correcting me. You are right. We’re always submariners. Thanks for your great service to our country. Pride runs deep, shipmate! – RCC

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