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I just finished,”Rise to Victory.” While I enjoyed the story, I found the treatment of enlisted men by officers, e.g. swearing at them and belittling them to be excessive. I was a QM3[SS] aboard the USS Bream [SS243] during the mid ’60’s. While not everyone got along with each other, we all respected the fact that our lives depended on one another. We didn’t belittle one another whether officer or enlisted. In fact, we had one officer who was like a nonqual Van Peenan who the CO threw off the boat in less than 6 months. Liked “Pride Runs Deep.”
I agree with you. The officers who behaved like that usually didn’t last long. It was a fictional story with a few somewhat exagerrated personalities to keep it interesting. I hope you will forgive my excursion into the dramatic. Thank you for service. DBF! 🙂 Very Respectfully – RCC

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