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Hi Cameron, I’ve read a number of submarine books,including “Pride Runs Deep”(just finished),and have decided after several years of procrastinating to try my hand at writing my own. Like you,I’m an ex-submariner(enlisted),and would like to put my knowledge,experiences,and imagination to work. WWII subs are by far my favorite and that’s where I’m going to concentrate for now. I have a substantial amount of research to do in order to get the details right even though it will be a fictional story. I’m hoping the end result will be on par with your books,as well as those from Harry Homewood and Edward Beach as far as the “feel” of the story and character depth. I know the road ahead will be a character builder,but I’m looking forward to it. I have absolutely no idea if it’s polite or acceptable for me to ask,but any advice,wisdom,or lessons learned you have would be warmly received and appreciated. Thank you for the great stories, Jeff Jennings
Jeff, I love Harry Homewood’s books! Also Edward Beach’s. Advice or wisdom? Just always remember you’re in the entertainment business. Research is important, but don’t go overboard. You must write to the main stream if you want enough sales to make a career out of it. As far as the road ahead, Number 1: finish your book. Number 2: Put it aside for 3 months and then go back and edit it thoroughly. Number 3: Get an agent. Number 4: Get an agent. Number 5: Get an agent….you get my drift. Pick up the latest version of the Guide to Literary Agents at the bookstore and start your search. It’s often the longest part of the process. It took me 5 years to get an agent. Once I had one, I had a book deal within 6 months. I hope that helps some. Thanks for the kind remarks. Keep writing…Good Luck! – RCC

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