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Hi Commander, As an unabashed fan of the WWII boats and the men who served on them…and whose collection of sub novels is in excess of 300, I must tell you how much I enjoyed both Jack Tremain stories. I had the honor of being a good friend of George Grider who was a member of the wardroom on the mighty Wahoo (as third officer)along with Dick O’Kane (XO) and the legendary Captain Mush Morton. George went on to command the Flasher and had the record for most tonnage sunk! I’ve read the actual patrol reports of seven war patrols that George made. so I can tell you without reservation that your stories have the authenticity that makes them truly believable and enjoyable! I sincerely hope that Jack Tremain makes another appearance. There can NEVER be enough stories about the amazing courage, daring and persistence of the WWII submartiners. If you are ever looking for a good read about WWII subs, consider that written by George Grider. It’s called “War Fish” and is a non-fiction account of his seven war patrols. I guatrantee excitement and a few authentic laughs! Keep it up and best of luck! HB
HB, Wow! I’m very envious. I would have loved to talk with George Grider. I remember several references to him in O’Kane’s “Wahoo.” Now that you’ve told me about “War Fish,” I’ll certainly be adding that to my WWII library. Thanks for letting me know, and for the kind words. Best Wishes – RCC

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