Comment from Fred

I have just finished reading “Sink the Shigure”. A great story, but I think I would have liked some definitions of the acronyms you used regarding equipment. Also, you refer to a Master Chief Petty Officer in your last chapter. The Master Chief didn’t come about until June 1958 and your story is during WWII. Still, I enjoyed it very much and will be searching for your other books.
I’m glad you enjoyed it! Sorry about my “Master Chief” blunder. Several other readers noticed it, too, and I only hope my error did not take the entertainment value out of the story. I considered including an acronym list at the end, but then thought that might be a bit too textbook-ish. Hopefully, they can be found online without too much trouble. Please let me know if there are any that you can’t find and I’ll post the answer on this page. Thanks for great post! – All Best! – RCC