Comment from Doug

I have Pride Runs Deep. A great story. I’ve just purchased and reading Sink The Shigure. I and have on order, Rise to Victory. Will there be more stories with Jack Tremain? Friends, who also enjoy your stories, agree with me that there aren’t enough WW2 submarine stories/books. Does the “coming soon” picture under ART GALLERY with a sub, answer my question about another book? Thank you very much.
The next book is in the works. It does not feature Tremain, but it does involve WWII subs. As far as Jack Tremain goes,…WWII isn’t over yet, so there may yet be other adventures in store for Tremain. I’ll keep the News page updated with developments. The art gallery picture you noticed will someday (in the near future, I hope) be a link to a gallery of nautical oil paintings by one of my favorite artists. I hope you enjoy Sink The Shigure. Thanks! – RCC

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