Comment from Dick

Dear Mr. Cooke, I just finished your heart-stopping novel “Sink the Shigure”. I read it practically in one sitting as the characters pulled me into the story. I have spent a good portion of my life in Africa leading safaris and reading more adventure books than I can count — from Wilbur Smith to Clive Cussler. I personally found your characters far more believable and three-dimensional. Your dialogue is real-life. The plot twists are true to the story and your characters become living-breathing people –ones you really care about. You are a true original. I greatly look forward to reading your other novels , and future ones as well. With admiration from one of your readers, Dick Houston President Elefence International, Inc.
Dear Mr. Houston, I count myself very fortunate to be listed anywhere with those two gentlemen. Thank you so much for your comment. As I write this next novel, I’ll be thinking about you reading it on safari! All Best – RCC

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