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Dear Mr Cooke First thank you for your service sir! I just finished reading your three books and I’m fixing to start Constantine Covenant. I have to say I really enjoyed them. I used to work in Norfolk with a sonar operator who started my fascination with submarines. It’s hard to imagine what those guys went through during WW2. Your novels helped me to remember the sacrifice these guys made for us all. Please tell me your writing some more books. Thanks again.
Dear Corey, I’m so glad you enjoyed them! Those sonar operators are a special breed. I have spent many a watch in the control room counting on their unique skills to give me sight in the dark. I am indeed writing a new book. It is a novel, set during the Civil War. I will post new info as it gets closer to completion. I’m not yet sure when that will be…Thanks for your post. All Best – RCC

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