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Naval Thrillers

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Western Novels

Showdown At Apache Butte

Mountain man and army scout Jacob Utah is called to guide a cavalry patrol across the harsh, relentless Arizona Territory. The purpose of the mission is a secret, known only to the soldiers.

That suits Utah just fine, until the seemingly simple job takes a deadly turn. A mysterious sharpshooter begins shadowing the patrol, killing the soldiers one-by-one.

Utah soon discovers the men he rides with are not what they seem, that they have a dark history which is coming back to haunt them. With fierce Apaches on the warpath and a sadistic gunman doggedly pursuing them at every turn, Utah must lead his dubious companions through scorching desert sands, treacherous canyons, and narrow mountain passes to reach an abandoned outpost at a place called Apache Butte, where old scores will be settled, and blood will be spilt...

Trail of the Gunman

Elijah Jones is a man with a violent past ...

Setting out for the Arizona Territory, Jones seeks to escape his past and live a quieter, gentler life in the vast wilderness of the Mogollon Rim. But men who once made their living with the gun cannot simply walk away. In an untamed land teeming with Apaches and desperadoes, Jones finds himself unwittingly embroiled in a territorial war pitting him against new foes - and old ones...

Through showdowns on dusty streets to savage gunfights in the wild, Jones is dogged by the demons of his former life, and realizes he must face them if he ever hopes to leave the trail of the gunman far behind...